The attorneys in the Law Offices of Taylor, Leong & Chee advise Hawaii clients on managing their real estate, business, and other assets, and developing estate plans to facilitate their transfer to succeeding generations.

Estate Planning

Our attorneys focus on preparing wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, financial and health care powers of attorney, living wills, and other estate planning instruments to ensure a client's desires are met while addressing potential estate and gift tax, generation skipping transfer tax, and income tax issues. Our carefully crafted estate plans are also designed to address the issue of potential future incapacity of an individual, while avoiding the need for probate administration.

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Probate, Trust and Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced litigators and have much experience in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust, estate, and probate disputes. We represent clients in connection with an array of trust and estate issues, including challenges to the validity of estate planning documents, intra-family disputes, claims by beneficiaries, and allegations of estate mismanagement or breach of fiduciary duty. Our attorneys have been involved in landmark trial and appellate court decisions that have helped define trust and estate law in the State of Hawaii.

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Probate Administration

The Firm represents personal representatives in the probate administration process.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to effectively handle the administration of estates of any size, ranging from simple estates to large and complex estates, including estates involving significant wealth, interests in ongoing businesses, and assets located in multiple states.


Trust Administration

Our attorneys have significant experience in the administration of trusts, and can advise fiduciaries and beneficiaries on issues that may arise during the administration of a trust, including the duties, powers and standards of a trustee; accounting and recordkeeping; investing and managing trust assets; modification, revocation or termination of a trust; resignation or removal of a trustee; creditors' and beneficiaries' rights; and subtrust funding.


Corporate and Business Planning

Our attorneys assist clients in selecting a form of business entity that best suits their needs and requirements and then establishing that entity in the State of Hawaii.  The Firm also represents businesses and business owners in transactions involving the transfer of assets and ownership interests. The Firm serves as general counsel to many of the clients that have retained us in the formation of their business.


Real Property Matters

The Firm handles all types of conveyancing matters for clients.  Much of our real estate practice is related to our estate planning practice insofar as clients establishing revocable trust agreements typically transfer title to their real estate assets into their newly-formed trusts.  We welcome conveyance document requests from real estate agents, escrow companies, out-of-state counsel, and from counsel representing parties who were recently divorced or in the process of becoming divorced.  We also advise clients in complex residential and commercial real estate transactions.  The Firm has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting agreements between existing owners of real property, such as buy-out agreements and other arrangements that allow property owners to avoid the negative consequences of a partition sale.

We welcome your inquiry regarding our estate planning, probate and trust administration, real property, and trust and estate litigation services. Contact the Law Offices of Taylor, Leong & Chee to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced trust and estate attorneys.