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Skillfully Drafted Estate Planning Documents

The estate planning process is complex, and understanding all of the documentation you need can be frustrating and may even seem impossible. With this in mind, we've outlined a helpful guide to the various estate planning documents you may encounter throughout the process.

Wills, Living Trusts, & Related Documents

Wills: We prepare simple wills and pour-over wills, which are designed to work in unison with a living trust; we also provide wills with guardianship provisions for our clients' minor children.

Revocable Living Trusts: Our attorneys help you properly fund trusts in order to avoid the necessity of a probate administration on the death of a client. Proper implementation of an estate plan through the careful drafting of a trust enables our clients to control the distribution of their estate and to minimize or avoid unnecessary estate taxation.

Financial Powers of Attorney: With this service, we prepare financial powers of attorney, which designate a person or persons to manage the financial affairs of our clients in the event they become incapacitated.


Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, & Living Wills: We prepare advanced health care directives allowing our clients to designate a person or persons to make medical decisions on their behalf and carry out their wishes with regard to end-of-life issues. The enactment of the federal Privacy Act has made a health care directive a necessary component of any estate plan.

Irrevocable Trusts: Additionally, we prepare irrevocable trusts for life insurance and other assets designed to avoid estate taxation upon the death of the client who creates the trust and contributes the assets.

Trust Amendments & Restatements

Family, personal and financial circumstances may change over time, and the laws that apply to estate planning documents are also constantly evolving. Accordingly, we suggest that clients periodically review their estate planning documents to make sure that they still express the client's wishes in light of changes in the law. We are frequently asked to review and revise existing estate planning documents to comply with evolving personal and legal circumstances.