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Compassionate Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning frequently involves sensitive family dynamics and complex tax issues, making it a difficult time for you and your loved ones. But at The Law Offices of Taylor, Leong & Chee, our skilled, compassionate attorneys offer the support you deserve. With experience in both drafting and litigating estate plans, we're often able to anticipate potential problems during the drafting stage and devise plans to avoid them.

Our carefully crafted estate plans are designed to address a variety of common issues, such as the potential future incapacity of an individual, while avoiding the need for probate administration. Throughout the process, our attorneys focus on planning instruments to insure a client's desires are met while addressing potential estate and gift tax, generation skipping transfer tax and income tax issues.

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Probate Administration

We represent personal representatives in the probate administration process. Thanks to our immense experience, our team has the skills to effectively handle the administration of estates of any size, ranging from simple estates to large and complex estates, including estates involving significant wealth, interests in ongoing businesses, and assets located in multiple states.

Trust Administration

As your go-to source for trust administration, we advise fiduciaries and beneficiaries on issues that may arise during the administration of a trust, including the duties, powers and standards of a trustee; accounting and recordkeeping; investing and managing trust assets; modification, revocation or termination of a trust; resignation or removal of a trustee; creditor's and beneficiaries' rights; and sub trust funding.